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About Texas Vacation Rental Homes.
Texas Vacation Rentals
Some points of interest for those looking for a Texas vacation rental: Everything, they say, is bigger in Texas. But whether you go for a large size rental villa or small size Texas vacation rental condo, you will be amazed at the diversity of fantastic holiday trips in this state.
Texas is split into several regions: Pan Handle Plains, Piney Woods, Prairies and Lakes, The Gulf Coast, Big Bend Country, Hill Country and the South Texas Plains. All of which are great places to base your vacation from, whether you are looking for a Piney Woods cabin rental or a villa rental on The Gulf Coast. There is a big mix of cultures too from the Native American Indians to the Mexican and American Cowboy and obviously then, there is a huge range of foods to sample: the famous Texan steak and the mouth watering Tex-Mex style of cooking.
Panhandle Plains boasts of large open spaces and huge skies. It is home to Amarillo and the legendary Buddy Holly hailed from Lubbock. Grab a bit of nostalgia on the famous Route 66 or explore some of the rugged canyons.
Piney Woods in the East of the state is just as the name suggests, full of great Pine forests. This is a beautiful place, ideal for hiking as these are forests of breath-taking beauty and the flora and fauna should be a huge attraction for any nature lover.
Prairies and Lakes. This is home to several large cities including Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio with all the offerings that a big city brings. There are also many other attractions and don’t forget to visit Paris of the film Paris, Texas fame.
Big Bend Country is the country that a lot of holiday makers visit, where there is plenty to see and do, such as the Guadalupe Mountains National Park or Big Bend National Park, which are a must. Hill Country, well the name says it all with big rolling hills all over the landscape and rivers and lakes a plenty with all they have to offer…. a lazy day fishing may just grab your hook!! It is also home to Austin and plenty more too….A great place for a vacation cabin.
South Texas Plains has a diverse range of history and culture! Remember the Alamo! Need we say more?
The Gulf Coast Region is home to the largest city in Texas, Houston . It also has a mere six hundred miles or so of beautiful coast along which you can take a beach rental!!! And that’s not to mention its history, museums, food, nightlife and more., the Vacation Home Rental Site.

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