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About Molokai Vacation Rental Homes.

Molokai vacation rental is an island that lives its own time zone. It’s the least developed of all the Hawaiian islands by a long way, it has no luxury resorts and no buildings taller than a coconut tree, and it even has no stoplights. This is where the hula dance was born. Many people regard it as the real Hawaii due to the fact that there are more people here of Hawaiian blood than any other of the islands, and the old ways still hold sway here with people clinging on to traditional methods of survival, like trawling the reef with nets to catch some fish for dinner, and shunning the commercialism of the rest of Hawaii vacation rental.

The pace of life here is slow and simple, (the sign that greets you at the airport says it all “Slow down, you’re on Molokai now”) there are no modern trappings and the people go about their business unconcerned with the ‘outside’ world, and unconcerned with high society sophistication and the latest technological developments. In short, this is one of the last such refuges that exist in the world today. Hence this is the place to really get away from people and the madding crowds, though if you book into a Molokai vacation rental home, you might have to ‘make do’ on a few of the luxuries you may take for granted.

Vrp Molokai

Nature grows wild and uninhibited here, there is no picture-perfect manicured landscape ready to woo the tourists, and it is all the more beautiful because of it. This is a place of extremes and this is where you’ll find Hawaii’s highest waterfall, its greatest collection of fishponds, the world’s tallest sea cliffs, and largely unexplored rainforests, as well as many empty beaches and many hidden coves, lots of sand dunes, and coral reefs that have yet to be ruined. This is the place to come to if you really, genuinely, appreciate nature in all its natural splendor; this is the place to come to and just stand in awe; this is the place to come if you want something different from just about everywhere else.

The island is tiny, about 40 miles long and 10 miles wide, and is split into two very different sides – one side is an arid desert, the other is covered with lush green vegetation. The east side of the island is where most of the population lives and this is where you’ll probably head to, finding a Molokai vacation rental home set near a cove or a fishpond with the coral reef visible through the crystal clear waters, just outside the sleepy village of Kaunakakai where you will still see horses tethered to posts outside shops. The west of the island is sun-scorched and there is a glorious gold-sand beach, and, though the waters are usually too rough to swim in, you will still get the same incredible vistas everywhere you look. Great vacation rentals

As you leave Kaunakakai the land rises sharply to the summit of Mount Kamakou, nearly a mile high, and ends abruptly with stunning emerald-green cliffs overlooking the vivid sea below and the many little islets dotted about – a truly spectacular view. These cliffs carry on for over 10 miles, interspersed with waterfalls and dissected by valleys with old worn stone terraces which were built by the ancient Hawaiians.

Around 50,000 people visit Molokai every year, and the locals, though very friendly, are unconcerned and will not pander to you. This makes this place very special. It’s not for everyone, but it’s true paradise for the people that seek out the less trodden path. Lots choosing to stay in a Molokai vacation rental

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Kepuhi Beach Resort, Kaluakoi
Ellyn and Tom's One BR Oceanview Tropical Getaway!.Spring Fever-Book 6 nites Mar/Apr-get 1 nite free!.
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